We build App.

Oneworld is a research and development corporation specializing in information technology in Cambodia. We design and develop solutions across several technologies to fit your business's demands.

When the world changes, so do business. We are here to simplify all of technology's complex operations. We believe that technology should begin by alleviating people's burdens, not by introducing new sources of stress.

We do business ethically and professionally. We think that our culture is just as crucial to our success as developing the finest software on the planet. Our Business Do and Compliance guidelines are the foundation of running a business and carrying out our principles every day.

Simplicity As Core Value

Simplifying your life doesn't matter what industry you are associated with. As a general rule, people choose solutions and experiences that are easy to comprehend and don't involve additional effort.

“ Customers aren't interested in the most impressive sales pitch. For them, the most important thing is finding a solution that works. ”

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In addition to providing your business with a simple solution that solves your problem right away, our team can consult with you on your product so that we may extend our simplicity culture to your customers as well. “Make IT Simple”

We Believe In Quality Over Quantity

We treat our development team fairly as they need time to rest, relax and enjoy life. As long as each of us has time to enjoy the world, we may be able to come up with a good solution for your business. We're aiming to reduce the number of projects to fit with the size of our team so we can devote our full attention to each of the tasks ideally.

It's common for others to question our business ability to stay afloat if we limit the scope of our work. As a sincere moral, we must focus on the quality of our products and ensure that they are well-reviewed by our engineers. Having a work-life balance is equally important for our engineers to remain effective and skilled.

We Follow Standard Development Life Cycle

We professionally construct the software according to the development life cycle, which includes automated testing and utilizing DevOps before releasing it to you.

We demonstrate our commitment to our work by ensuring that our products are delivered to a high standard, minimizing runtime errors that could disrupt your business operations. We also manage the business. Therefore we understand the impact on your business when such an incident occurs.

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